Copy of Maintenance & Repair

Servicing Foreign and Domestic Vehicles including cars, trucks, hybrids, diesels. Full maintenance and service for your  Factory/ OE and aftermarket warranties. 

Warning Lights

Check Engine Light
Warning Lights
Check engine soon light

In most cases warning lights give you a heads up to identify problems before they become big and thereby keeping your costs small rather than big.  In general bringing in your car at the first sign of a warning light will


Oil Changes
        Lubro Moly
         Mobile 1
         Motul Lubricants
Tire Rotations
Seasonal Service -
Trip Check -
Mfg. recommended Services
        30,000 mile
        60,000 mile
       90, 000 mile
       120,000 mile
       150,000 mile
Windshield Wipers

* Non-prorated 5 year warranties available for most cars. 
** Up to 3 year unlimited mileage warranty 
*** Qualifying 
repairs eligible for 12 month 12,000 mile coast to coast nationwide warranty 

Service & Repair

Air Conditioning/ Heater Service
Belts - fan & timing
Cooling System
Differential repair
Front end service and repair
Gear Ratio Change
Power Locks
Power Steering
Power Windows
Tune Ups
Water pump

  • Full Maintenance and repair on Foreign and Domestic cars, trucks, hybrids, and diesel. 
  • Full maintenance work to maintain your factory/OE warranty, after market warranty.  
  • We also accept your after market warranties. 
  • AC service and repair. 
  • R134, R12, and R1234. 
  • Batteries and electronic repair, check engine warning light, service engine soon light. etc. 
  •  Home of the 5 year warranty battery with no prorate *most cars and trucks.
  • Check engine light/ABS Brake diagnostic and repair. 
  • All scheduled maintenance, timing belts, water pumps, cooling system repair, tune ups. 
  • Power windows, locks.  
  • Front end repair. differential repair, limited slip, lockers, gear ratio change, welding.  
  • Transmission repair, or replacement up to 3 year unlimited mileage warranties.  
  • We feature chevron/lubro moly/Castrol/mobil 1/motul lubricants.
  • Qualifying repairs eligible for 12 month/12,000 mile coast to coast nationwide coverage.   
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